About US

Flying Cow Pizza.  Wow, what a name.  Meet Brett, owner and pizza creator extraordinaire.  And meet Angela, the other owner and the technical force behind Flying Cow Pizza.

It all started a few years ago when the extended family started talking about making fun, individual pizzas at home on a pizza stone.  Soon enough, we received our first pizza making tools for Christmas  including, a pizza stone, a wooden paddle, and a giant pizza cutter.  We learned how fun it is to make pizza together as a family, getting the kids involved in making their own personal pizzas and cooking them together in our own oven.  Our little 3-year-old even kisses her pizza after she finishes her creation.

The name “Flying Cow” has some eternal significance for Brett.  Growing up, him and his brothers had this really hard plastic toy cow that they would throw at each other.  Sometimes the flying cow would come unexpectantly, hurting really bad.  The boys would just crack up at each other over this nonsense, especially if  you got hurt pretty bad.  It’s really hilarious now to find that cow in grandma’s toy bin and see it resurface among the Buchanan brothers.  And they still throw it at each other if they happen to find it.  The flying cow never ceases to give a good laugh.  Some of the best memories of growing up are the seemingly insignificant, random things that happen in families.

Recently, Brett and I were in Target and we found a whole bin of farm animals in the dollar section in the front of the store.  And guess what we found?  Yep, hard plastic cows.  We were so excited and laughing so we bought all of them and Brett even went to another Target and found some more.  They are awesome!  One afternoon, Brett and I were trying to come up with a name for our pizza business and I spotted one of those cows sitting on the piano, and the name was born.  I picked it up and threw it to Brett and it all came together.  Brett said, “How ’bout Flying Cow Pizza?”  “Flying Cow Pizza!” I shouted as I danced around the room.  We both loved the name and are so excited about it.  We hope you like it too!  Come try the best pizza you’ve ever tasted!  It is so amazingly good.

Brett & Angela

Owners, Flying Cow Pizza

2 thoughts on “About US

    • You have a brick oven in your backyard? Brett could build you one. The next best thing would be a pizza stone in a convection oven inside. : ) Next time we are out there we should get together for pizza!

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